ZA4 - Zero Air Generator without integrated compressor

ZA4 - The compact Zero Air Generator

Produces a continuous air flow that is free of organic contaminants

  • Hydrocarbon content less than 0.05 ppm as Methane
  • ZA4 delivers 4,000 ml/min at up to 6 bar
  • Economical and safe source of zero air - no manual replacement of cylinders and no ingress of contaminants
  • Avoids batch-to-batch variations in air cylinder quality
  • Without integrated compressor – perfectly matched to the silent compressor station SICOLAB 025 mini

Do you need a suitable compressed air source?

Chromalytic is part of the Dürr Technik group. SICOLAB 025 mini - the compressor station from Dürr Technik is ideal as a source of compressed air for the ZA4. SICOLAB 025 mini was specially developed for the laboratory area - without disturbing the usual work processes and concentration. The oil-free plug-and-play compressor unit with integrated carrying handle offers minimum maintenance with maximum flexibility.

  1. Oil-free
  2. Mobile and compact
  3. Very low noise level

Zero air generators for your analytical applications

Chromalytic ZA4 Zero Air Generators provide a clean and stable source of hydrocarbon-free air for the supply of oxidant gas for GC FID, FPD, AES and NPD detectors. The highest purity of air is essential to ensure low baseline noise and optimal signal-to-noise ratio for sensitive and reproducible analysis on your instrumentation.


Hydrocarbon may be present in the air supply from a compressed air source (normally a dedicated compressor or laboratory air system) due to lubricating oil, greases, or from environmental sources such as solvents in use within the laboratory. Compressors located near other equipment, or from external sources such as car fumes also needs to be removed to give the best instrument performance.



Compact, stackable benchtop generator

4,000 ml/min for single or multiple instrument supply

Integral air filtration down to 0.01μm for particulate removal to protect your GC’s electronic pressure control components

High efficiency precious-metal catalyst for effective hydrocarbon removal


Intelligent catalyst heater management for maximum catalyst life and lower running costs

Simple maintenance procedure

At-a-glance LED status and maintenance indication

Optimally suited for the following applications

Typical applications include providing zero-hydrocarbon air to detectors used in gas chromatography systems, including

  • GC-FID: Gas chromatography with flame ionisation detector
  • GC-NPD: Gas chromatography with nitrogen-phosphorus detector
  • GC-FPD: Gas chromatography with flame photometric detector
  • GC-AES: Gas chromatography with atomic emission spectrometry

Technical Data

Volume flow at 6 bar ZA4 4 l/min
Max. delivery pressure 6 bar
Safety pressure 9.5 / 0.95 bar / MPa
Hydrocarbon (as Methane) < 0.05 ppm
Nominal voltage 115/230 V AC
Nominal frequency 50 / 60 Hz
Nominal power 0.5 kW
Nominal current 2.3 A
Protection class IP54 IP
Ambient conditions +5 to +35 °C
Noise level at PN 49 dB(A) at 1m
Weight 19 kg
(L x W x H)
450 x 550 x 270 mm
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