Nitrogen for post-curing of 3D prints in the manufacture of dental splints and dentures

What are 3D prints used for in dentistry?

In the realm of dentistry, 3D printing has revolutionized the way patients, dentists and dental technicians approach treatment. This digital dentistry technique enables faster and more comfortable experiences by producing dental splints and dentures directly on-site in practice, often in just a single session. By employing 3D printers, precise and delicate layering of materials is achieved, resulting in significant savings of material, time and money.

Applications of 3D Printing in dentistry:

• Occlusal splint
• Tooth correction splint
• Vacuum forming model
• Impression tray
• Temporary restoration
• Drill template
• Crown model
• Bridge model


How does it work?

After the creation of a digital dental impression and a computer design, the conversion into a print file and the 3D printing process takes place. The printed objects undergo automatic washing, drying, and light-curing in the post-processing unit. Nitrogen is used as an inert gas during the post-curing process to displace atmospheric oxygen in the polymerization chamber/light-curing chamber. This ensures curing on the surface without a sticky inhibition layer, providing several advantages:

• Saving of cleaning work
• Harder, scratch-resistant surfaces
• Smoother and more accurately fitting surfaces
• Reduction of residual monomers and thus higher biocompatibility


Nitrogen Generators - a worthwhistle investment

For dental practices that regularly utilize 3D printers, investing in a nitrogen generator brings several benefits:


A nitrogen generator ensures uninterrupted curing processes, eliminating the need to replace gas cylinders and allowing continuous operation 24/7

Compact & quiet

Nitrogen generators are designed to be compact and quiet, easily fitting into dental practice setups without causing disruption


Operating costs associated with gas cylinders, handling, and delivery are significantly reduced with a nitrogen generator, resulting in a quick payback on the investment


Nitrogen generation becomes hassle-free with the push of a button, providing a convenient and readily available supply of nitrogen for the post-curing process



Chromalytic offers Nitrogen Generators for post-curing of dental 3D prints

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