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Laboratories demand reliable, cost effective and high quality sources of laboratory gases.

Chromalytic is an expert in gas generator systems for LC-MS, GC and other applications used in laboratories worldwide.

As part of the Dürr Technik Group, we are uniquely able to base our generators on the world-class Dürr Technik oil-free compressor technology, trusted in thousands of critical industrial applications.

For our customers this means proven reliability and the assurance of confidence in their gas supply.



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Why using a Gas Generator?

8 benefits of on-site Gas Generators 

Gas Generators have decisive advantages over bottled gas and are the first choice in the laboratory when it comes to supplying high-purity gases.






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Our HF30A nitrogen generator is ideal for use in laboratories where a dependable and affordable source of nitrogen is essential.

The HF30A is used for LC-MS instruments, where the convenience of an all-in-one generator with in-built compressor is preferred.


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15-06-2023 12:36

We are pleased to present our gas generators from 19th to 21st of September 2023 in Dubai, UAE.


15-06-2023 12:36
25-01-2023 09:40

Visit our new webshop and order nitrogen generators and zero air generators simply by mouse click.


25-01-2023 09:40
12-10-2022 11:13

With a fresh and new design and a clearer structure, you can find out everything about us and our services.


12-10-2022 11:13
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