Nitrogen for Tri-Gas-CO2-Incubators

What is a Tri-Gas-CO2-Incubator?

Incubators with variable oxygen control, so-called Tri-Gas-CO2-Incubators, enable the optimal cultivation of cells for a wide range of applications in pharmacy, medicine, food analysis and biochemistry.

How does it work?

To ensure the growth of the cells, temperature, humidity and CO2 content must correspond as closely as possible to the requirements of the cell cultures.
In many cases, cells cultivated in a low-oxygen environment grow faster, live longer and show less stress.
Even when cultivating cells from inside the body, where the oxygen concentration is only between 1 % and 14 % and not 20-21 % as in the atmosphere, a variable supply of nitrogen ensures a near-natural growth-promoting atmosphere.
By introducing nitrogen into the incubator with the help of a nitrogen generator, the oxygen concentration can be controlled specifically according to requirements.



Chromalytic offers Nitrogen Generators for Tri-Gas-CO2-Incubators

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