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Impact of COVID-19 on your laboratory gas infrastructure

The Covid-19 pandemic impacted not only our health lifestyle, but almost everything in our life. Social, political, and economical disruption, which led to short and long-term implications on everyone’s business and personal life. The prices and lead time of raw materials have increased significantly. These implications made people think twice on using more reliable services and products.

Regardless of whether your laboratory is in a university or a hospital, gasses such as nitrogen, air, and hydrogen are essential for any analytical laboratory. Industrial gases have shown in the last two years a price increase in different countries. In Germany the producer price index (PPI) of the industrial gases has an increase of 8.1% from the beginning of the pandemic Jan, 2020[1], USA on other hand has an increase of 22% for the same period [2]. These increases are a result of supply chain distribution and overall increase in the inflation rate in many countries.

Price instability is a major issue of such consumable products. As an alternative and a reliable solution is to use in-house gas generators, which will ensure your demand at any time with a lower cost and price stability.

To calculate the ROI for nitrogen generator HF30A, use our online calculator, which will show you the time needed for pay back in comparison with gas cylinders costs.


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